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Traffic Tickets - Speeding Tickets

An experienced traffic lawyer can save you money and points on your license if you get a traffic ticket. Florida speeding tickets are the most common Florida traffic ticket issued and also vary in the amount of possible points assessed. Speeding tickets exceeding the speed limit by 30 miles per hour or more require a MANDATORY COURT APPEARANCE and can result in a suspended license. The traffic lawyers at The Law Office of John A. Ramsey, Jr. can help you avoid this. Below you will find some useful information regarding point totals for Florida speeding ticket infractions.

  • Exceeding posted speed limit by 15mph or less = 3 POINTS
  • Exceeding posted speed limit by 16mph to 29mph = 4 POINTS
  • Exceeding posted speed limit by 30mph or greater = 4 POINTS

In Florida, if you exceed the speed limit in a Construction or School Zone you can receive a fine of up to $1000. Simply paying your ticket or attending a hearing without counsel could result in points being assessed to your record, or worse a suspended license. We're here for you and can serve as your traffic ticket lawyer. Visit us if you've received a traffic ticket or parking ticket.

Point Suspension

Similar to other states, Florida assesses a point value on traffic infraction convictions and violations that will count against you on your Florida Drivers License. Points are assessed to your driving record by paying the ticket without completing a Driver Improvement Course or electing a hearing, or by failing to pay your ticket at all. Once you have accumulated a certain number of points, you will receive a Points suspension on your License. The Gainesville FL traffic lawyers at The Law Office of John A. Ramsey, Jr. are here to help you with your Florida License Points suspension. Depending on how many points you accumulate over a period of time, will determine how long your suspension will be. Point suspensions are assessed as follows:

  • 12 points assessed within 12 months imposes a 30 day suspension
  • 18 points assessed within 18 months imposes a 90 day suspension
  • 24 points assessed within 36 months imposes a 1 year suspension

Have you received a ticket as a Commercial Driver's License holder?

In the state of Florida, Commercial Drivers have even fewer options when they receive a traffic ticket. Under Florida law, a commercial driver is no longer able to attend a 4 hour basic driver improvement course in order to keep the points off their driving record. Essentially, Commercial Drivers are now forced to either pay their ticket outright and absorb the points, or hire a traffic attorney to prevent the points from being put on their record. The Gainesville FL traffic lawyers at The Law Office of John A. Ramsey, Jr. will file all the proper paperwork on your behalf, attend court for you, and do our very best to keep your record clean. We know full well the difficulty Commercial Driver's face. Let our Gainesville traffic attorneys fight for you.

Is this traffic violation an Accident Case?

In Florida when an accident occurs, someone is going to get a ticket. The typical scenario involves an accident where the Officer does not witness anything. He or she arrives on scene, assesses the damage, and makes a determination of who is at fault. In any infraction hearing, the Officer acts as both the prosecutor and witness to the charge in question. This is all the more reason why it is vital that you retain a Gainesville car accident attorney as soon as possible. Odd as it may sound, the Officer will need testimony from an independent witness that saw you driving to prove his case against you. This can certainly work in our favor here in Florida as we have a high rate of tourism and temporary residents. If the other party involved in the accident is no longer in Florida, it will be unlikely the Officer can prove his case. If your accident involves serious bodily injury, you might be subject to your license being suspended and any conviction on your infraction being used against you in a Personal Injury lawsuit. When there is an accident involved, do not pay the ticket without talking to an accident lawyer first.

Did you receive a Red Light Ticket?

You're in a hurry and as you approach the light you start thinking to yourself, "don't turn red, don't turn red!!" As you get closer the light turns yellow and you decide to go for it. You make it through the light without harm, but the light turned red as you did so. This very scenario has caused the Florida Legislature to take a hard and fast stance on running red lights. Unlike most other minor Florida speeding ticket infractions, a red light ticket is 4 points as opposed to 3. This is precisely why it is necessary to retain a Gainesville , FL traffic attorney. Adding insult to injury, red light tickets do not carry the benefit of an 18% fine reduction for taking a 4-hour driver improvement course. Do not allow a seemingly minor infraction to impact your driving record to the tune of 4 points, without calling us first. Our traffic attorneys are ready and willing to help you keep the points off your record.

Have you received a ticket in Florida and are an Out of State License older?

Like commercial drivers, visitors to Florida with an out of state license may not have all the same options when they get a ticket as a Florida license holder. If you hold an out of state license and you receive a traffic ticket, you may want to think twice before you attend that 4 hour driver improvement course. This is why it is important to speak with knowledgeable FL lawyers immediately. You may not be barred from completing and submitting proof of completion of the course, but there is no guarantee your home state will accept your driving school completion as sufficient to avoid points. Do you potentially waste four hours on a driving school that may be worthless, or do you hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney to battle to keep the points off your record? Call today to ensure that if we can keep the points off in Florida, they'll stay off in your home state.

Traffic School

Avoid Points On Your Record with an Approved Traffic School! Check with one of our Gainesville traffic attorneys to guarantee that your online traffic course will count.

If you've received a traffic ticket in Florida, completing an online traffic school can help you avoid points on your license and even reduce the price of your traffic ticket in some circumstances. While there are many online traffic schools available, not all will be accepted by Florida courts. The Florida Traffic Lawyers at The Law Office of John A. Ramsey, Jr. have selected the following approved Florida traffic schools, provided by the American Safety council and accepted in any Florida court for your convenience:

Florida 4 Hour Traffic School:

Florida 12 Hour Traffic School:

Florida Court Ordered 8 Hour Traffic School: