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Not all divorce actions are equal. Whether you are involved in an uncontested or contested divorce in Florida, if there are multiple assets of high value involved it can bring additional complexity and emotion.

If you are considering dissolution of marriage and have substantial or complex assets, you need an experienced attorney that can protect your interests and ensure your assets are allocated equitably.

At the Law Office of John A. Ramsey, Jr. we have the experience to handle high-asset divorces, business law, and property issues as well as divorce. We will ensure that all assets are located, correctly categorized, inventoried, valued and divided fairly.

Asset division in a divorce where the individuals or couple own inherited property, vacation or investment real estate, international investments, intellectual property, professional practices or family businesses may require assistance from experts.

Our legal team networks with financial and business valuation specialists to resolve any issues that may arise. For example, a forensic accountant may be needed to examine tax returns or business records to ensure that all income has been reported accurately. Appraisers of real estate, jewelry, collections, or other tangible property, or certified public accountants may need to be consulted.

We have access to a network of professionals in these fields. We work tirelessly to ensure all aspects of your divorce are handled appropriately and that you are in a strong position for negotiation or, if necessary, litigation.

If you executed a prenuptial agreement before your marriage, this can have a major impact on property division. We will scrutinize the document's terms and enforceability and present legal arguments to protect your rights should the court be asked to set the agreement aside or enforce it.

The importance of tax valuation in high-asset divorce actions As we work with you to ensure your assets are correctly valued and fairly distributed, we also tax value every asset, which can have a dramatic impact on the ultimate value of any equitable distribution settlement. The allocation of debt can have important consequences and should be done fairly.

We can also assist with related issues, such as providing tax experts to amend prior tax returns when a former spouse is suspected of tax fraud, or challenging a spouse's personal bankruptcy if it appears to be undertaken to gain advantage during the division of marital assets and debt.

At the Law Office of John A. Ramsey, Jr., we handle high-asset divorce and coordinate with financial experts.

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