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No case is simple, be it a DUI, speeding ticket, capital felony, or wrongful death action. We hope the information provided within our site will aid you in your decision to hire a Gainesville criminal attorney, and which attorney to hire. Gainesville criminal defense lawyer John Ramsey is experienced in the fields of criminal defense, traffic, and Family law and is eager to answer any questions you may have. John Ramsey is also an aggressive Gainesville DUI Attorney, and is experienced in DUI defense.

Often criminal attorneys "lose touch" with the emotional roller coaster their clients endure as they await the ultimate outcome of their case. At the Law Office of John A. Ramsey, Jr. , our Gainesville criminal lawyers understand that your case is very important to you. We make it our mission to obtain the best possible result for each and every one of our clients, lending a compassionate shoulder along the way. Every question you may have can't possibly be answered through our website, so we encourage you to call our Gainesville criminal attorneys for a free consultation. As your Gainesville Criminal and Family Law Attorney, we look forward to fighting for you, so call for a free consultation today.


We represent families and individuals going through difficult transition periods in their lives, which are usually associated with divorce or other stressful family law issues. We utilize our experience in family law matters to help our clients obtain the best possible results in their cases. We want to be "constructive advocates" for our clients. helping our clients to achieve security, financial stability and family peace is paramount at the Law Office of John A. Ramsey, Jr.

A main practice area in our office is family law. This area ranges from the preparation of a prenuptial agreement before a marriage to post-dissolution of marriage enforcement and modification actions. It can also include child custody and visitation issues; alimony, child support, and family support during a divorce; as well as the identification, valuation and distribution of marital assets and debts.

For all of these matters, we employ a hands-on approach, designed to provide the highest level of integrity, competence, professionalism and concern for our clients' needs. We know just how stressful Criminal and family law matters can be. We understand that our clients' life changes are what prompt them to contact an attorney, and we do our best to help them through what is often one of the most difficult events in their lives. While we handle our cases expeditiously and with the utmost professional care, we take into consideration the fact that our clients need for us to understand what they are going through, and we utilize respectful, helpful and empathetic measures to meet their needs.

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